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Cosmos - A Multiverse System-

The shape of our Cosmos is like that of an oblate spheroid. It consists of seven sets of Universes - each set containing three identical Universes. The formation by the Universes in the Cosmos resembles a flower - more specifically, a lotus. Each Universe consists of moving cosmic bodies viz. stars, planets, satellites, black cosmic bodies that are separated mostly by dark particles. The Universes revolve around a Super cosmic body S6 whose radius is 105 times the radius of our Sun.


  • In the Cosmos, natural satellites orbit around their parent planet, planets orbit around their parent star (say, S1), S1s orbit around their parent star (say, S2), S2s orbit around their parent star (say, S3), S3s orbit around their parent S4 - a black hole at the center of a galaxy, S4s orbit around their parent S5 - a black hole at the center of a Universe, all S5s orbit around S6, and S6 along with the S5 systems (the Universes) ascend from and descend to the originating base in a projectile path - causing creation and dissolution of the Cosmos. So all cosmic bodies expand during the ascent of S6 and contract during its descent along the projectile path.

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