"As I See and Realize"

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Creation of Cosmos

The Cosmos was created from an infinitesimally small primary particle (radius = 1.3436928 x 10-26 km) located at the center of S6. Prior to its formation, the Cosmos was in zero-state.

Each of the seven primary rings and thousands of sub-rings of the initial primary particle at S6 broke into three identical parts, each of which got transformed into a primary particle due to its enormous rotational and outward velocities - the entire process taking 10-52 second. The reminiscence of the formation of ring system can be seen around the Saturn. Part of the sub-ring system of the Saturn was not broken during the initial time of Creation.

Every infinitesimally small, fiercely rotating primary particle thus created, is the cause of creation of a cosmic body. It is located at the latter's geometric center. During the expansion process of the Cosmos, it created 'single' primary particles, each of which further created 1052 atoms of various elements per second (Chapter XIX of the book).

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