"As I See and Realize"

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Cosmos - Continuous Creation & Dissolution of Life

Life in the Cosmos undergoes creation and dissolution processes after every 1.3436928 x 1017 seconds. During the time of dissolution of life, the excited atoms of elements in the inner cores of the cosmic bodies break through their surroundings to come out on their surfaces (Chapter XX of the book). At that time, all stars and black cosmic bodies look like fire balls that release huge amount of radiation and elementary particles in the space and destroy all living conditions in the Cosmos. The last dissolution process ended around 6 x 1016 seconds back. We now see the pictures of these dreadful events in the galaxies which are around 1021 kilometers away (and beyond) from us. So it is not entirely correct to develop a model of the Cosmos on the basis of these pictures or radiations. We do not presently see such events in our galaxy or nearby galaxies (which are at distances of less than 1020 km from us) because the light rays reaching us from them travel for much less than 6 x 1016 seconds.

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