"As I See and Realize"

ISBN: 9788184652017 (Paperback)

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Truth that we look for

Cosmos - A Multiverse System

The  shape of our Cosmos is like that of an oblate spheroid. It consists of seven sets of Universes - each set containing three identical Universes. The Universes revolve around a Super cosmic body S6 whose radius is 105 times the radius of our Sun..


Creation of Cosmos

The Cosmos was created from an infinitesimally small primary particle having radius of 1.3436928 x 10-26 km.

Each of the seven primary rings and thousands of sub-rings around the initial primary particle broke into three identical parts, each of which got transformed into a primary particle due to its enormous rotational and outward velocities - the entire process taking 10-52 second. Every infinitesimally small, fiercely rotating primary particle thus created, is the cause of creation of a cosmic body.

Cause of Gravitation

The huge rotational velocity of a primary particle causes gravitational attraction.

Direction of Rotational Axis

The rotational axes of all cosmic bodies in the Cosmos are directed towards the center of S6, which is parent to all of them.

Continuous Creation & Dissolution of Matter

All material particles in the Cosmos undergo simultaneous creation and dissolution processes in every 2 x 10-52 second.

Continuous Creation & Dissolution of Life

Life in the Cosmos undergoes creation and dissolution processes after every 1.3436928 x 1017 seconds.


Black Hole

A Black Hole is not a hole in the real sense. It's a fiercely rotating black cosmic body. There exists a black cosmic body at the center of every galaxy in our Universe.


Atomic Structure

The atom of element is a rotating ring-system that undergoes creation and dissolution processes in every 2 x 10-52 second. An atom, therefore, resembles a fiercely rotating wheel.

Present Age of Cosmos

The relationship Time (t) = (Radius of S6)2, derived in Chapter IV of the book, determines that the present age of the Cosmos is 4.8372327543 x 1021 seconds or 155.521971644 trillion Earth-years (1 Earth-year = say, 360 days).

Total Lifespan of Cosmos

The total lifespan of the Cosmos is 9.67458816 x 1021 seconds or 311.04 trillion Earth-years (1 Earth-year = say, 360 days).


About Us

Society for Cosmological Research consists of people interested or engaged in research work on the creation of matter and life that together constitute the Cosmos and is a non-profit institution. Its people recognize the fact that the present models of the Cosmos and the Atom, which are not observable by the currently available means, have been developed by conjecture and not by deriving well-defined laws.

Many science students have similar views and many  of the researchers understand that they grope on the surface of a problem when the solution lies somewhere under the surface and that the present theories of science can not lead them along the shortest route to the solution. Therefore, all theories pertaining to the Cosmos and the Atom need to be reviewed and further studies on them pursued.

The book titled 'As I see and realize' is the result of stupendous research work done by the author, who is also a member of the Society. It delivers information, hitherto unknown to us, on the process of creation of the Cosmos through mathematical derivations. The author is confident that he has stated the truth and that the derivations and other observations can be proved experimentally by using appropriate tools. The Society fully supports his endeavor.

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